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New London Inn
  • 1781 The Sargent family moves to New London.
  • 1792 Ezekiel Sargent, 19, builds a farmhouse on his father's property.
  • 1853 George W. Everett buys the property. En route home from the Civil War in 1863, he was poisoned by his body servant.
  • 1865 The property is purchased by Captain Samuel Carr.
  • 1866 The property is purchased by James Seamans.
  • 1873 Curtis Messer buys the property.
  • 1882 Herman and Sarah Currier buy the farmhouse and turn the property into a hotel called The Elms.
  • 1895 Walter P. Sargent, grandson of Ezekiel's brother John, buys the inn and names it The Hotel Sargent.
  • 1903-1904 Harry Nichols, partner, makes more additions to the inn.
  • 1916 Now named The Tavern, Proprietor Hugh McKinnon installs electric lights.
  • 1918 The Sargent Estate sells the property to Michael Fitzgerald.
  • 1918 Colby Academy (now Colby-Sawyer College) purchases the property and runs it as an inn.
  • 1929 Colby leases the inn to Wendell and Clara Hobbs, who also run the Soonipi Lodge.
  • 1939 Wendell and Clara Hobbs purchase the inn from Colby. It is later run by Mrs. Hobb's son, Joseph, and his wife, Edna Graves.
  • 1967 Frank and Lois Conklin (under the name New London Inn, Inc.) purchase the inn and establish the name "The New London Inn." The Conklins did major renovations to the inn, including a new kitchen, new ice cream and sandwich shop, and remodeled guest rooms with private baths.
  • 1976 The Conklins sell to John and Sally Biewener (JFB Inc.).
  • 1986 John and Maureen Follansbee purchase the inn.
  • 1996 O'Mahoney Hospitality Enterprises, LLC purchases the inn.
  • 1998 Donna Jewell Pomkoski (Jewell Hospitality Enterprises Inc.) purchases the inn.
  • 2004 The inn is purchased by (Bridget) LeRoy/(Eric) Johnson, LLC. They overhaul the inn's exterior and interior, including the kitchen, dining room and bedrooms.
  • 2010 Dan Wolf and a group of investors (New London Hospitality Holdings, LLC) buy the inn.
  • 2014 The tavern and bar are renovated.

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